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Do you love your vendors’ properties as much as they do?

- show them you really listened. and let a copywriter write the right words

Home owners love their houses. They think you should love their house too. Even if they are selling their home (for whatever reason), you can be sure they want nice things written about their biggest asset in your brochures and sales pages.

Sure, it is important to list the facilities and features of the home so that the buyers can see that it has everything they need; BIR, SSS, LUG, 4BR, plenty of storage.....

Buyers and sellers are motivated by different things. The owners (sellers) have a strong emotional investment in their house and it is important that Estate Agents recognise this organising the written descriptions of the property.

Of course the owners want to sell their property and for the best price. But they would like to attract people to their home who they think will love it just as much as they do. This can be a dilemma if the home is not quite as appealing to others as it is to them.

That is why it is really important to write the perfect description for each and every unique property. A copywriter can weave words to please the buyer and the seller.

Home owners really love it when they see the descriptions of all those 'special' things about their home on display for everyone to admire. The memories and secret nooks. How the sun filters through a particular window. The mature trees for picnics in the garden, or, the clever kitchen storage and welcoming family room.

Buyers want to know all the features of the property and what benefits there will be to living there. Copywriters paint the picture. The dream.

Attract buyers and keep your vendor happy and they will be sure to pass on your business card to their friends. They may even contact you in the future when they are ready to sell again.

Work with a copywriter who loves looking at houses, with an eye for detail, imagination and an ability to communicate easily. Especially with people who want to talk about their 'pride & joy'.

Writing for Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula clients, Teri Foster of Words That Win wants to craft fantastic content for you! Just call!

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