What is editing? Do you need an editor?

Basically this is where you or someone from your business has written the content for your web site, brochure, fact sheet or newsletter. Maybe you are not completely happy with the 'voice' of the content. Or you just want the writing to be more succinct or persuasive. Let us be persuasive!

An editor can make your writing really sing out your unique message. A few tweaks to your existing web content can give just the right voice to your message.

Adjusting a word or two or strategically adding key words can really help with SEO (search engine optimisation) and will go a long way to getting your business at the top of Google rankings. That's where you want to be? Yes?

Editing is notProofreading but they both can really improve the written content your customers and clients will read.

English not your first language? No problem.

Teri Foster has had 20 years' experience working with non-native English speakers. She is familiar with the writing problems they sometime experience. Very understanding professional and eager to assist you.Get your free quote today!

Want to know more about editing? Contact Teri Foster at Words That Win Copywriting and we’ll chat.